How to place an order to buy a gift card from our site?

Place Order Process

After coming to the website, click on the 3 dot icon on the left side, then click on Category.

  • You will see many Card Iteams in the Category. Click on the section of the card you want to buy.
  • Select the “Add To Card” option under the card you want to buy.
  • Then click on checkout.
  • Check if you are ordering the correct card during checkout.
  • Enter all the information correctly on the checkout page and select the payment method.
  • Then follow the instructions and click on Place Order.

Watch the video below for more details.

PUBG Mobile New Updates 0.19.0| ERANGEL 2.0, Livik Map| GIFTCARDZBD

The update (0.19.0) of PUBG Mobile will roll out in Playstore / Appstore from 8 am today and the update will come there.  Space is required for Android devices at 1.84 GB and for iOS at 2.13 GB.  The update will not come on all devices at once.  Serially all devices can be updated.  The update will reach everyone by today.

The major part of this update is the Livik Map :

Map Size : 2×2 / Total Players : 50/ Match Time : 15 Minutes

The map will be published in BETA mode as the developers will be able to enlarge and change this map.

New game mode will come only on Erangle and Miramar maps.  Name Spark The Flame.  If you wear this mood match, you will find 3 types of statues on the map.  Which can be found by burning event items and loot.

Small Statue/ Giant Statue /Statue Camp

Another mood will also be available on Erangle and Miramar maps.  Ancient Mode, this mode will be activated a few days after the update.  At present we do not get this mood in the game.  Will add after the start of the new season.

After the update, Payload & Rage Gear Moods can only be played on Saturdays and Sundays and the Bluehole mode will be lifted.

New Arena Mode

  1. Team Gun Game
  2. The Library

These modes can be played on FRIDAY, SATURDAY & SUNDAY.

Basic Combat Useful Update

  • A lot of the time we get stuck on the match loading screen when entering a match.  For which you have to restart the game.  This problem will not occur after this update.
  • Rendering on Low & Mid Range devices will be more smooth.  Which will reduce Lag?

 3. Battery life will increase in high end devices.

  •  The LAG problem will be fixed on the HIGH-END device while playing in HDR mode.
  • Before Auto Pick Up settings, you can fix whether you will pick Quickdraw Mag or Extended Mag.
  • Hit Effect & Damage Effect will add a new color.  Can be changed from settings.
  • While in the parachute, from now on the player can see how high he is from the ground and how fast he is going down.  Before, only speed could be seen.
  • Armory Arena: The new model of the arena.  In this mode, the 5vs5 fight will be seen for the first time.  In this mode, you will see a new map called Library
  • Erangle 2.0: A few days ago, the developers announced that the work of 2.0 is in the final stages, which is called finishing touch.  While not sure if 2.0 will be available in this update, we can expect to see a new Erangle.

Important Updates 

Settings Improvement:

  • Added a tutorial on how the game’s sensitivities work and how to get the best output from it in the Sensitivity Tab.  Which will help a lot to fix the sensitivity of the players?
  •  There is also a separate information page on how Camera Control Settings work.  That means adjusting the camera setting will be easier.
  •  Scope Once picked up, the next loot is Auto Pick, which is sometimes annoying.  New options will be added after the update.  You can turn Scope Auto Pickup Off / On anytime you want.
  •  Some buttons can be hidden and some buttons can be disabled from Control Settings.  Hide means Transparency can be 0%.
  •  Flare Gun Many times after hitting in the sky, none of the planes and drops of Flare come or Flare Miss Fire, from now on Flare Failure notification will be given.

Best New Features 

System Update:

  •  Global Recruitment or List Recruitment players will now be able to see KD and other information directly without going to the profile.  Which will be very helpful to find Suitable TeamMate.
  • Voice Recruitment feature is also very cool.  If you give voice recruitment in Global, only those who have Voice On select and activate will see the recruitment message. 
  • If someone selects that invitation, they will join the HOST in real-time conversion without joining the team directly. 
  •  Cheer Park & ​​Season 14 This update has Patch Note which is a very important thing.  So I Didn’t write anything about these two.